Monday, March 12, 2018


This is a great conference!  Star Works USA 2018 Symposium, Nov. 2, 3, 4, 2018, in scenic Laughlin, Nevada.  Affordable ticket prices and affordable hotel rates.  International speakers.  Experiencers support groups.  Full package includes all speakers, Experiencers Group, Friday night cocktail party, lunch package, Saturday night dinner.  Fun!  Amazing!  I hope to see you there!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

MILABS - Military Abductions

It has been reported that several races of extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings have been involved with humans on Earth for a long time, some longer than others, and one of the most important aspects of UFO contact/abduction events is the identity of the specific ETs who orchestrated them.  This isn't always easy to determine, and to muddy the waters further, some experiencers believe they haven't been abducted by ETs at all, but by agents of certain branches of the government or military, either working in concord with ETs or using ET technology to disguise their activities.  These events are known as MILABS - military abductions.  While this type of event is still in the minority of all abduction/contact events, it has been reported and is becoming more well known.

Why would human military engage in abductions?
Ostensibly, to keep their activities from being known by law enforcement and the public.  Recognizing that ETs take humans against their will, they may disguise their illegal and immoral activities under the appearance of and blame ETs.  Since claims of ET contact/abductions are still considered outlandish by the general public, such a claim made against the military will seem even more so.  Another explanation is that MILABS are designed to create fear and distrust between humans and ETs, capitalizing on the phenomenon for their own purposes.

Are any groups of humans more susceptible to MILABS?
It appears that humans who have had genuine ET contact/abduction may be of particular interest to and may be targeted by MILABS, possibly to find out why ETs are interested in them and gain more information about ETs.  Reports also have been made by members of various branches of the U.S. military establishment that they have been taken against their will by military agents and used as subjects in different types of secret military experiments, some in the presence of and/or with the participation of ETs.

MILABS perpetrated with the help of ETs
Some experiencers report being taken in military abductions and encountering ETs during the process. In some cases, the ETs are described as merely observing (sometimes in sympathy with the experiencer), but in other cases, the ETs appear to be actively involved.  If ETs are present and their technology is used, it may not be easy to know who is actually in charge. 

How do I know if I was abducted by ETs or humans?
Many experiencers claim that they can tell the difference between ET contact and MILABS.  ETs posses technology that is still more advanced than ours and MILABS are sometimes betrayed by their lack of advanced technology.  Another difference is that many ET abductions are positive and affirming and if an experiencer wants to discontinue the contact, they have the power to do so.  On the other hand, MILABS tend to be negative, leaving the experiencer with no recourse.

Whether the event is a genuine ET contact or a MILAB may be of interest, but from a therapist's perspective, an abduction is an abduction, regardless of who is doing it, and the resulting fear and confusion can create serious and long-lasting problems for an experiencer.  An experiencer of ET contact or MILAB should seek help from a support group or qualified therapist, if they need it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CE-5 - A New Paradigm in ET/Human Communication

After 60+ years of formal, scientific investigation, sadly, UFOlogists aren't any further along in a true understanding of the UFO phenomenon and ET/human contact than when we began.  Essentially, the nuts-and-bolts, standard scientific paradigm we have embraced all these years hasn't yielded the answers we seek.  Humans are conscious beings and it appears that ETs are too, so perhaps it's time to expand our investigations into the realm of consciousness - our own and theirs - with a new approach to ET/human communication.

A Reactive Approach
Since the 1960s, mainstream Ufologists have utilized a system of rating UFO sightings in categories ranging from AN1 (anomalous behavior of an object) to CE5 (a close encounter with an object), with sub-classifications in each category.  Called the Vallée  Classification System and credited to Jacques Vallée  and J. Allen Hynek, it is based on a paradigm of ET-initiated contact in which human beings are passive observers.  While it is the system most commonly used by UFO investigators today, it precludes a full understanding of the ET/human contact phenomenon in which humans are often more than passive observers.


A Proactive Approach
Three decades after Vallée and Hynek, Dr. Steven Greer introduced the CE-5 Initiative*, updating CE5 to CE-5 as a category of close encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) characterized by mutual communication.  Based on the overwhelming evidence of ET/human contact, CE-5 posits that as the relationship between ETIs and humans matures, it will require greater research and proactive outreach by both humans and ETIs.  The CE-5 Initiative has emerged from a paradigm in which humans are proactive in initiating communication with beings from outside our world.


The Bridge
As intelligent beings, all our thoughts and actions are informed by our consciousness, and, thus, the consciousness aspect of ourselves cannot be separated from our thoughts and action.  This includes our experiences with ETs.  ET/human contact is not only a matter of physical action, but also a matter of consciousness.  If the ETs who seek communication with Earth humans at this time are conscious beings, then consciousness is the bridge by which communication can proactively be accomplished. 

A New Paradigm
The CE-5 Initiative asserts that humans don't have to passively wait to be contacted by ETs – we can actively reach out to communicate with other beings who desire communication with us, and it goes further by presenting specific protocols that can be utilized to accomplish that goal.  Since their introduction over 20 years ago, the protocols have been utilized by many individuals and expanded upon by researchers in the contact and consciousness field to initiate meaningful communication with ETs.  Are there certain ETs we might not want to communicate with?  Possibly.  Are there certain humans that ETs may not want to communicate with?  Most likely.  Communication requires a level of maturity and trust - and yes, a measure of risk.  But intelligent risk. 

The CE-5 Initiative isn't the only method of communicating with ETs, but it represents a significant change in thinking about ET/human contact and presents a paradigm in which humans and ETs are equally involved in communication.  For intelligent beings, consciousness is truly the bridge. 



Friday, July 15, 2016

Experiencer Therapy is More Than Hypnosis

Recently, I was approached by an individual who told me he needed help with some problems resulting from childhood ET abduction/contact experiences, but he didn’t want to see a therapist because he was afraid of hypnosis.  I reassured him that (1) hypnosis is not dangerous, and (2) even though hypnosis is sometimes used by Experiencer therapists, it isn’t the only tool therapists have to help him.  Even when hypnosis is used, it is nearly always supplemented with other things.

Although it has been accepted by the worldwide medical community for over 50 years as a safe and effective therapeutic technique, many people still fear hypnosis because of the way it has been falsely portrayed in popular culture - as a mysterious method of mind control that can strip a person of free will and transform them into a mindless robot.  Actually, hypnosis is a natural function of the human mind which we all frequently experience and is nothing to fear.  Daydreaming, getting lost in the moment or caught up in an engrossing book or movie are examples of natural hypnotic states.  The only difference between those natural experiences and hypnotherapy is that in a therapy session, the hypnotic state is induced by the therapist, with the subject’s consent, and directed to help achieve the subject’s goals.

At the same time, while hypnosis can be very effective in recovering repressed memories from ET events, like all therapeutic techniques, it isn’t right for everyone.  There are certain medical and psychological conditions that prevent an individual from being hypnotized.  In addition, it has been estimated that only about 15% of the general public are easily hypnotizable, which means the remaining 85% have difficulty attaining and maintaining a hypnotic trance.  The investment of time and money for multiple sessions may be prohibitive for some individuals.

Other Tools

The good news is that a competent Experiencer therapist has other tools, in addition to hypnosis.  If you aren’t comfortable with hypnosis, there are options so don’t let a fear of hypnosis keep you from getting the help you want and need.


Monday, June 13, 2016

Experiencer Clinic - The Truth About Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy (RT) is a type of hypnosis in which an individual is assisted into a hypnotic trance by a therapist for the purpose of recalling a past event - either hours, days, weeks or years earlier in his current life or in past lives (in which case it’s called past life therapy).  RT is a common therapeutic tool used effectively by psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and hypnotherapists to treat a number of issues including phobias, addictions, unhealthy behaviors and to recover memories.  It is also sometimes utilized by law enforcement to help crime victims or witnesses recall what they or saw.  RT is a trusted and effective therapy, but there are sometimes concerns and misunderstandings about it.

Does RT work?
RT can be very helpful in recovering memories in a variety of situations, but the human mind is very complicated and the process may not be easy.  While law enforcement agencies sometimes utilize the procedure to help gather clues about a crime, a court of law may not accept such evidence because of the nature of memory.  See “Why Don’t I Remember My ET Visits” in this blog (March 3, 2011).  While false memories and fantasies are a possibility in an RT session, a qualified experienced therapist can help weed those out and get to the truth.
How Does RT Work?
Hypnosis is a common state of mind that we experience almost daily, going in and out of trance states without even noticing.  When attempted on purpose, though (as in RT), it’s usually more difficult and may require time and effort to reap results.  When memories are brought forward into a person’s conscious mind, the process helps to diffuse intense emotions attached to the memory, allowing an individual to examine and analyze the memory and attendant emotions logically.
How is RT Different from Past Life Therapy (PLT)?
The process is essentially the same in both, but PLT is concerned with revealing memories of past lives.  In PLT, standard hypnosis and regression techniques are used to induce and maintain a deep trance, and the therapist acts as a guide and support to the client. 

Is RT Safe?
Hynosis (including RT) has been used safely and effectively since the 19th Century.  Like any type of therapy, though, it effectiveness depends on many factors and it doesn’t work all the time for everyone.  When done correctly, hypnosis and RT are safe.  During a hypnotic trance an individual doesn’t lose control over their mind or surrender their will to anyone else - including their therapist.  If an individual has serious mental, emotional or cognitive problems, hypnosis should be utilized with them only by a qualified medical professional.
I’m pretty sure I’m an experiencer and I want to remember it, but I don’t want to be regressed.
No problem.  RT may not be necessary to recover your memories.  It is only one of the therapeutic tools available to qualified therapists and counselors to help their clients recover, manage and benefit from their memories.

So what should I do?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question - it depends on you.  If you are thinking about trying RT to recover your ET contact memories, there are several things you should consider before deciding.  See "Should I Get Therapy for My ET Experiences?" in this blog (November 5, 2010).

Good luck with exploration of your contact memories!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ET Abductee/Contactee Resources

          There are many groups throughout the world who exist to help and support ET abduction/contact experiencers and further humanity's knowledge and understanding of the UFO/ET phenomenon.  Some are organizations who maintain therapist referral lists and some are small local support groups.  Below are some organizations that I am familiar with and recommend. 


Oldie But Goodie

MUFON - Mutual UFO Network - Experiencer Research Team -

          Have you ever wanted to be a UFO Investigator?  This is the place!  Started in 1969 (as the Midwest UFO Network), this group is still active in investigating UFO sightings and research.  They've taken a lot of flack over the years about being everything from a black government tool to a front for the Illuminati.  The truth is they're a group of normal people (some experiencers, some not) who are interested in the UFO phenomenon and dedicated to rooting out the truth.  MUFON chapters are located in nearly every state and most have regular meetings.

          Originally, MUFON was concerned mainly with the "nuts and bolts" of UFOs, but in the past few years, they have recognized the reality and importance of ET/human experiences and events and have expanded the scope of their investigations, training and support accordingly.  Their Experiencer Research Team maintains an extensive list of qualified therapists and support groups throughout the world and you don't have to be a MUFON member to access them.


Been Around for a While But Still Alive and Kickin'

OPUS - the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support -

          The mission of OPUS is to educate and support people having unusual/anomalous personal experiences, which may include extraordinary states of consciousness, spiritual or parapsychological phenomenon, close encounters with non-human entities, and/or UFO activity.

          Through its educational services and position of neutrality, OPUS provides a safe and caring meeting place for people and groups with the intention of working together to expand the overall knowledge and support people to integrate their anomalous experiences into everyday life.  Donations are accepted, but membership is not required.

Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters
New Kids on the Block
FREE - the Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters -
          This organization is relatively young, but it boasts a very impressive group of experts in all areas of the contact/abduction experience.  The goal of FREE is to assist experiencers to understand their experiences, provide assistance in the form of information and personal support, and to help move humanity toward a deeper understanding of their place in the Universe. 
          In keeping with that goal, FREE maintains a list of qualified counsellors and therapists, an ongoing free experiencer research study, an experiencer buddy program and a radio show.  Donations are accepted, but membership is not required.


           As I said above, there are many groups throughout the world who exist to help and support abduction/contact experiencers and further humanity's knowledge and understanding of the UFO/ET phenomenon - I've provided information on only three. 

          If you want to share your personal contact experiences, gain knowledge of the phenomenon, or get involved as an investigator, the above groups will be glad to hear from you.  And if you're not ready yet, they'll be there when you are. 



Tuesday, March 31, 2015


     Having worked with many Experiencers, looking into ET abduction/contact as an investigator, exploring the function of the human mind as a therapist, and living through it as an Experiencer, I’ve come to some conclusions about the phenomenon that science refers to as Sleep Paralysis.
         If you are an Experiencer, you are probably all too familiar with waking up suddenly from sleep and seeing or feeling strange things going on in the room, beings standing at your bedside, moving around the room, touching you and possibly even verbalizing, and you being unable to physically react.  It’s one of the most real, frightening, and common, parts of the contact/abduction experience. 

     Science declares that what abductees/contactees believe to be a paranormal event is really sleep paralysis - a normal, physiological function that everyone with a human brain has experienced at least once, and in some cases more than once, even chronically. 
        So who's right, Science or Experiencers?   I think the answer is BOTH!
       Sleep Paralysis (SP) is a natural phenomenon in which a person wakens from sleep and temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak or react, and which is sometimes accompanied by strange and terrifying hallucinations, including sensory effects.  (Sound familiar?)
     Without going into a lot of boring detail, the scientific explanation is that SP is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep that corresponds to the Theta level of brainwave activity (4-7 hz).  Since you pass through Theta when you fall asleep and again when you wake, it can occur at either point.  When that happens, somehow your awareness of sleeping and being awake can overlap – a state in which your mind thinks you are awake and your body thinks you’re asleep.  You are aware, but you can’t move.  Physiologically, that makes sense.
      So, based on that description, scientists are right - abductees probably are experiencing SP.  But just because an individual is in SP, doesn’t mean that it's not part of a contact/abduction scenario.
        While some Experiencers report being abducted or contacted during broad daylight, most such events occur at night. Why?  Maybe because the visitors don't want to be seen, but since their ships are nearly always reported as glowing or lit up, I don’t think that’s the answer.  Doesn't it make sense that if they wanted to sneak around, they would turn off the lights?  (But that's a topic for another discussion)
        I believe the logical answer is that they approach at night when they know the individual will be sleeping and unable to resist.  Their presence in the room may cause the person to begin to wake up, but not all the way - enough to be aware that something is going on, but not enough to resist.  Again, the body and mind overlap.  Are they actually using our natural brain function - SP - to their advantage?  I think the answer is yes.   
        Many Experiencers report that ETs manipulate their thoughts and emotions, using their technology or abilities to keep us at a brain level where we can see and hear, but not resist. 

      Some Experiencers have succeeded in resisting their night-time visitors by making noises or even striking out at them.  In such instances, what most likely happened is that the individual woke up partially - probably to Theta, where they were able to see their visitors - but didn't get stuck there (as in SP).  Instead, their body woke up quickly and responded with movement and when that happened, the beings seemingly vanished.  Whether they actually vanished or the Experiencer just could no longer see them, is a topic of discussion among contact researchers.
       Until science can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ET abductions and contact don’t occur, then they must concede the possibility that they do, and that the visitors may be utilizing a natural human brain function - Sleep Paralysis.