Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ETs Heal Humans in Alternative Clinics

           In 1994, an Israeli engineer, medium and channel named Adrian Dvir began to tell the world about his work assisting alien (ET) medical teams in healing humans on Earth.  This type of healing work was nothing new, as human healers had utilized ET assistance in healing in the past.  However, Dvir’s publication of his work on-line and in his books, “X3, Healing Entities and Aliens” and "Cured By Aliens" spread the news worldwide.  Since then, ET medical teams have increased their collaboration with human healers around the world and many people are benefitting from their help.

          The purpose of these efforts by the ETs is to raise public awareness and increase human acceptance of ET existence in the universe and their presence on Earth.  They want us to know that there are benevolent forces in the universe reaching out to us and not all (if any) ETs are bad. This organized ET medical collaboration with human healers represents a leap forward in ET/human contact that goes beyond the experiences of UFO sightings, encounters, abductions, or crash events that happened in the past.  Unlike the popular TV show "V,"  genuine ET medical teams working with humans aren’t interested in enslaving or manipulating anyone. 

Who are they and where are they from?
          When asked where they are from, the ET doctors and technicians answer variously that they are from other planets, dimensions or timelines.  When seen by the human healer or patient, they typically appear attired in human medical-type garments – lab coats and surgical clothing, gloves and masks.  They don’t usually appear as grays, mantids, Nordics, reptilians or other typical ET forms.  They also state that they are not the groups involved in abduction or experimentation missions.   They are here at this time to use their advanced technology and abilities to help those who want their help.

What do they do?
         The ET medical teams do treatments only with the full consent of the person.  No abductions take place and no experiments or treatments are done against the patient's will.  At all times, both the patient and human healer are conscious, safe and in control.  Of the many thousands of people who have experienced this type of therapy, no one has ever reported a negative side effect or any manipulation by the human healer or ET doctors or technicians.  If healing isn't truly desired, nothing will be done.

What does the human healer do?
         The human healer works as a facilitator and interpreter.  Unlike hands-on healing therapies (such as Reiki), in which the human healer channels healing energy, the ET medical teams work directly on the patient using advanced technology, equipment and materials.  The ET teams sometimes construct other-dimensional clinics, treatment rooms and operating theaters at the place where the sessions are held.  At other times, ET teams provide their services as mobile clinics or units.  ET teams always work with the assistance of a human healer.

What is the experience like?
         During such treatments, patients often feel sensations such as itching, tingling, heat or cold, increase or decrease in gravity, etc.  The ET doctors and technicians are not usually visible to patients, but some patients do see and communicate with the ETs.  Others simply experience a feeling of relaxation and well-being.  Everyone who experiences these treatments reports that they felt relaxed, comfortable and had no pain during the session.  In addition to the medical activity, the ETs sometimes answer questions on different issues, including information about the patient, ET activity on Earth and Earth events, if the information is productive and appropriate.

Can the ETs cure anything?
        Just as conventional medicine doesn’t have a cure for every kind of ailment, so too the ET medical teams are sometimes at a loss, despite their advanced knowledge and technology. There are diseases that the ET teams can very effectively cure and there are those for which they have only partial solutions.  We need to remember that healing takes time and, just like in conventional medical treatment, a person may require more than one treatment and follow-up activities over a period of time to complete the healing process.

          Since there isn’t any overlap between conventional medicine and medical treatment by ETs, it is recommended that patients take advantage of both.  The best way to deal with medical problems is first to approach conventional medical professionals, and if they cannot provide a satisfactory solution, then combine their efforts with those of an ET medical team.  Contact should be maintained with the conventional doctor throughout.  Conventional medical technology often confirms results achieved by an ET medical team.

To get more information or schedule a session for a treatment or assessment by an ET medical team, contact Gwen Farrell, CHt, RT at activateyourmind@aol.com.  Sessions usually last about 1 hour.

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